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Download Apple Keynote Font and Blue Background For PowerPoint

There is something special in each Apple Keynote presentation: maybe it's the Apple background, the Apple font, or maybe both. If you are a gadget addict like we are, then you can see the difference between the Samsung, Nokia or Windows presentation compared to the Apple Keynote.

Apple font

The Magic of Apple Font & Apple Keynote Presentation

Yeah, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and the rest of the Apple team are taking the stage to tell you the story you were waiting for, and they have a well-designed blue background keynote behind them, which looks so simple, yet so powerful.

So, due to the high volume of requests from Apple fans running Windows who are eager to have their presentation as neat as the Apple keynote, we decided to give you the best: the Apple font and the Apple Keynote background along with the Apple Keynote PowerPoint Template!

If you were wondering which font Apple uses: Myriad Pro is the Apple font. It is a Windows-specific font that doesn't come with Apple computers, except if the user purchases some Adobe software, as Adobe uses it in its default font set.

Also, the Keynote -- which you now have as a PowerPoint template -- has several effects besides the great Apple keynote background. During its presentations, Apple uses the following animations: flying numbers, shining numbers, image transitions and much more to make the content more aesthetic.

The Apple Font is Yours Now

Now, using the Apple keynote font you can create your own simple, well–designed, Apple-ish presentations using the Apple Keynote PowerPoint template. It's easy to use, and you have all the effects ready to create your best PowerPoint presentation that will blow your audience's mind. The possibilities are endless, and after watching a couple Apple keynotes, you'll do your own without any effort. It's simple, easy to use, and the result will look amazing!

You can download the Apple font, Apple keynote background and the Apple keynote PowerPoint template by following this link:

Download: Apple Font & PowerPoint template

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