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Delete All Contacts From Your iPhone 4S in One Go!

If you are a long time user of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should know quite well that the iOS platform has already come a long way. Ever since its original release in 2007 with the original iPhone, Apple's mobile operating system has gone through several changes and upgrades. But there are certain features and options that are overlooked by the fruit company that can definitely make anyone to scratch their heads. One such feature is the ability to delete all of the iPhone's contacts in one go. Fortunately, the jailbreak community has always have our backs covered. Here's a jailbreak app that you might want to check out.

Delete All Contacts App
DeleteAllContacts app by iOS developer Theo, is an application from Cydia that basically lets you do exactly as its name implies, delete all existing contacts on your iPhone. It is a pretty straightforward application that does exactly what it sets out to do.

After you have installed the Delete All Contacts App from Cydia, it will create a Springboard icon on your Home screen. To start using the app, simply launch the said icon from the Home screen. Once launched, you should see two buttons on the interface: Delete and Respring (obligatory). The Delete button will of course delete all existing contacts on your device but in order to complete the process, you will have to tap the Respring (obligatory) button, well naturally to respring your device. By doing that you should have just deleted all entries on your contacts list. Now try doing this on a non-jailbroken iPhone.
Delete All Contacts App Menu
What I love about this app is that it is very simple in pretty much all of its aspects. The app's size is about 42 kb so installing this from Cydia should be a breeze. It is also found under the BigBoss repo which comes prepackaged with the initial installation of Cydia. So there is no necessity for you to add any additional Cydia repo. Just be sure that the repository is updated and is free from any Cydia package error. If there is a flaw to the DeleteAllContacts app, it would be the fact that there is no notification if the deletion process is already finished. But overall, it is a minor issue in an otherwise excellent application. It is highly recommended that you install this app.

Because DeleteAllContacts is a jailbreak app from Cydia, you will of course need to jailbreak your iPhone. Here are some tutorials that can help you achieve just that. For users who are currently in iOS 5.1.1 and want the latest untethered jailbreak, feel free to use the following guides: Absinthe | Redsn0w | Sn0wbreeze | Cinject.

So what do you think of the Delete All Contacts app?

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