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iPhone is Now More Valuable Than The Whole Of Microsoft

The value of the iPhone has been growing ever since its launch. Now the iPhone is more valuable (in terms of sales) than the whole of Microsoft put together, the most recent statistics show.

That’s more than amazing for a product that didn’t even exist (to the public) five years ago. In just 60 months or so, Apple’s iPhone has become the most valuable Smartphone—surveyed users valued the iPhone nearly $100 more than Android or Blackberry handsets—surpassing all products Microsoft has to offer. And we refer here to the most popular Windows operating system, which Microsoft claims has 1.2 billion users, MS Office, Xbox, Bing, the Windows Phone and other products the Apple rival has for sale.

But let’s look at the numbers to reveal the facts: during the first calendar quarter ending March 31, 2012, the iPhone recorded sales of $22.7 billion, while Microsoft Corp. recorded $17.4 billion.

We could measure the stock market value of Apple’s iPhone against all of the Bill Gates company, but we won’t clear the “worth” meaning, because this is more easily said than done, and the results wouldn’t be as clear as expected when going into details. But that’s sales. When we say “worth”, we tend to think beyond one product: although the iPhone as one product recorded all these amazing sales, we believe the handset wouldn’t have performed as well if it were sold by someone else.

Let us explain why. By purchasing an iPhone you open the door to Apple’s ecosystem, which includes iTunes, the App Store, Apple’s reputation for style, security, etc. As one recent survey shows, more than half of US households own at least one Apple product, and the same Apple product users will definitely purchase another product from the company, as they were pleased with what they got.

As a closing thought: it’s simply remarkable to see Apple’s achievements, and its continuous effort to innovate, despite the ever-present copycats who have had success based on Apple’s innovation. Just think about Apple’s patent infringement lawsuit dating back to the mid-90s and now its lawsuit against Samsung over the iPhone and iPad patent violations. [Via Forbes]

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