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Apple’s Upcoming Project: iPhone And iPad Wireless Charging

According to a recent report published by a Taiwanese source, Apple is set to introduce an iPhone and iPad wireless charging feature built into its new MacBook Air line as early as 2013. This news is coming at the height of the work Intel is currently doing on wireless charging technology for Intel processor based-ultrabooks. This technology will allow them to charge smartphones and tablets wirelessly. The project is set to be released whithin a year, according to sources from the company’s supply chain report.

iPad wireless charging
However, Intel isn’t the only company working to develop wireless charging technology. Sharp and the Japanese NTT Docomo, have already presented their alternative for smartphone and tablet wireless charging, which currently meet the WPS’s (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi standard. Currently the only drawback of the technology that both tech companies have, is the price. High prices can distance consumers, as noted by the Taiwanese sources.

Intel's wireless charging solution uses an ultrabook as the power source paired with related software and a transmitter to wirelessly charge a smartphone. According to Intel's data, the solution will feature lower power consumption and does not require the phone to be put in a very specific position.

Turns out that Samsung is already involved in a wireless smartphone charger R&D project, and was expected to launch a resonance wireless smartphone charger last June. However, due to performance issues, the project couldn’t meet its deadline, and was delayed until the end of the year or likely 2013. Some sources say that Samsung will present a magnetic induction wireless charger and will be the first company to release products in this area.
Apple, however, has made huge steps towards iPhone and iPad wireless charging technology. The company has several wireless charging patent in its portfolio already, with one elaborating in-box charging and software update. But the second one got our attention today, because it shows how much Apple has advanced in the area.

The US Patent 2010/056240 for a “Wireless Power Utilization In A Local Computing Environment” published on May 26, 2011, shows a system designed to enable your iPhone and iPad wireless charging within a 1 meter-range. The device shown in the patent is using a wireless near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power transmission, to power mobile devices that are within a one meter range.

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