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iPhone 5 Screen Protectors Already Available At Amazon

As we inch towards a major Apple event, the rumors always become more persistent. The blogosphere is already full of iPhone 5 rumors and image leaks raising expectations of the next-generation iPhone, which, as Tim Cook noted, has even affected current iPhone sales.

iPhone 5 screen protector
A bigger screen was rumored for the iPhone 4S, but Apple decided to go with Siri instead of increasing the display size. This year, however, every leak and rumor, as well as mainstream media sources, confirm a 4-inch iPhone 5 display. In addition, as of today, Amazon has started to market iPhone 5 accessories.

As you see from the image above, the online retail giant already has iPhone 5 screen protectors in stock, with covers to be available very soon. The accessories are coming from Smartphone accessories retailer, who put the products up for sale on the largest online retail store for $13.99.

Their website shows a beautiful iPhone 5 rendering, which we would like to confirm as valid, but can’t. Still, this is another sign that the iPhone 5 really is coming. And it (iPhone 5) will come as a tsunami, with analysts whispering about sales of 250 million units, generating a total of $144 billion in revenue. [Via iSpazio]

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