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iPhone 5 Will Be Available For Pre-Order At Launch

Not so long ago, we reported that the iPhone 5 was rumored to be going public on September 12, 2012. iMore’s sources have confirmed the iPhone 5 event and also added that Apple will sell the device more aggressively, meaning it will be available for pre-order on the same day.

iPhone 5
iMore’s sources have proven to be accurate in the past in terms of correctly predicting iPhone related launch dates, as well as the new iPad release date. It’s interesting to note, though, that Apple presented its popular iPhone 4S last year on October 4, but took pre-orders only a couple days after, on Friday October 7.

It isn’t clear right now whether the September 12 event will be strictly iPhone related or whether it will include the rumored iPad mini launch, too. We reported a while ago that Apple is preparing to present a smaller version of its best-selling iPad along with the launch of the next-generation iPod Touch, but iMore’s sources couldn’t provide much information regarding these mobile devices. What is likely, though, as we approach the rumored release date, that more information will surface to clear the cloud around the event.

If Apple decides to refresh its entire mobile device line running iOS along with the introduction of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, we will likely witness a key event in Apple’s history. And if you remember Tim Cook’s words at the end of the new iPad event: “we’ve just started”. Apple plans to make some essential changes to its product’s launch cycle, and this early iPhone launch event is one of those changes.

As we are aware of Apple’s iconic focus on clean, simple, focused products, as well as events, we are expecting the presentation of the iPhone 5. The iPad mini will likely come at the beginning of October, just like the iPhone 4S, boosting the company’s holiday quarter by providing a more affordable iPad.

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