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Another iPhone 5 Photo Leak, Next iPhone to Have A6 Chip

If you’ve had enough of iPhone 5 rumors and picture leaks, I don’t blame you: the upcoming iPhone has been the most-leaked Apple handset in the company’s history. However, if you are still curious about iPhone 5 tech specs, here is some great news for you: the A6 chip.

iPhone 5 A6 chip
The first in-house chip design Apple introduced was the A4 system-on-a-chip (or SoC), with the iPad in 2010, followed by a customized a version of the same chip for the iPhone 4. The A5 chip came with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 a year later, while the iPad 3 (or the new iPad) features custom A5X chip with a quad-core GPU.

With these moves in mind, the rumors about an improved A5 chip for the next-generation iPhone seemed to be accurate. However, as the latest iPhone 5 image leaks show, Apple decided to go with the A6 SoC, due to the bigger, 4-inch screen and its results: 640 x 1136 pixel 16:9 display, as they require comprehensive CPU and GPU performance that need the same SoC refresh rate as they did with the iPhone 4S.

One thing we must note here, though, is that since the image is kinda blurry, we can assume there has been some “photoshop” work done, so this rumor needs to be taken with the appropriate pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, has posted some great pictures of the iPhone 5 front panel.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5

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