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iPhone 5 Parts: LCD And 8-Pin Dock Connector

Another week, another leak, we can say: the most recent (iPhone 5) photo published on the Web claims to be its display. For those eager to put their hands on it, the great news is that $199.99 will buy it for you. The bad news is it’s out of stock.

iPhone 5
The alleged iPhone 5 display looks like a taller 640 x 1136 display unit than we reported earlier, and it will ship (for early buyers) with digitizer and front cover. So, essentially they will have a piece of the upcoming Apple handset. Although we are hesitant about making any conclusive findings based on the images supplied by MacRumors via UbreakiFix, at first glance, comparing these parts to the one we already report you about, they appear to resemble the layout of the previous iPhone flex cables.

A second picture leak confirms the 8-pin dock connector of the iPhone 5. The images were provided by an iPad and iPhone repair site. The first thing that pops up is that the next-generation dock connector ships in two colors, black and white, which prompts us to think there will be a design change for the devices? If this is the final version of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini dock connector, the myth of the 30-, 16- and 9-pin dock connector is busted: as you can see, there are only 8 pins visible, and nothing on the other side that could act as the ninth.

Apple is set to refresh its iPhone product line, with the iPhone 5 set to bring the change: it will be much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and it will feature a 4-inch display after five generations of 3.5-inch screen iPhones. Also, we expect the iPhone 5 to implement the latest in-cell technology and 4G LTE connectivity provided by Qualcomm’s Gobi chipsets.

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