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iPhone 5 Inching Toward Final Steps Of Assembly

With only 16 days until the official launch of the iPhone 5, we might expect to see part leaks showing a nearly assembled handset highlighting new elements—just like the ones pushed out yesterday evening.

iPhone 5 front panel
The image leaks show a half-assembled iPhone 5: its front panel is ready to go to the next phase of the assembly line, as the photos show the LCD attached to the front panel, as well as the home button installed and secured with a metal bracket. Furthermore, the parts we saw last week as standalone parts are now in context, such as the shielding frame for the display, and even the front-facing camera is visible, installed behind the shield that protects it.

The front of Apple’s next-generation iPhone has two standalone changes compared to the iPhone 4S: the camera now has a new spot above the speaker, and, obviously, it has a bigger screen. However, this isn’t the hottest topic—that’s the back: photo leaks have been consistent in showing a unibody iPhone 5 design, with a two-tone rear panel due to technical requirements, as a San Francisco industrial designer has pointed out. We can expect those parts to be the Achilles heel of the iPhone 5, since these strips will be manufactured from glass or plastic (we wonder if Apple will ever use plastic, though). [Via MacRumors]

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