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iPhone 5 High Sales Expectations, Surveys Reaffirm High Buying Rate

Followed by the survey conducted by Piper Jaffray yesterday, Robert W. Baird analyst William Power published their results today of the most recent poll they conducted focusing on the buying rate of the iPhone 5.

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According to Power, the company surveyed 2,000 people, with 39% of them saying they are currently eligible for an upgrade and another 6 will be in the next three months. Also, they found that nearly half (45%) of the eligible people plan to visit one of Apple’s partner carriers to purchase the new iPhone.

The second largest percentage was undecided respondents. They didn’t know what their next Smartphone would be at the moment the survey was taken. Android buyers accounted for 22% of the surveyed ones.

According to Power’s analysis of the above numbers, these percentages hint towards a 50+ million iPhone 5 sales number in the US alone. That is well above current forecasts. Interestingly, while Piper Jaffray respondents weren’t concerned about 4G LTE connectivity as much as expected, the Baird survey showed a totally different picture. Baird fund that 4G LTE, improved Siri, a better back camera and a larger screen are the most important features boosting the buy rate.

The same study revealed that iPhone customers are the most loyal to the brand. They found 77% of the current iPhone owners are planning to buy the next generation handset, while another 18% were undecided. Compared to only 5% who will switch to Android. On the other hand, customers are moving away from the bleeding RIM who had only 2% of current Blackberry users planning to purchase a new Blackberry.

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