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Web Usage: iPad Vs. Android Tablets

Since its launch, the iPad has dominated the tablet market, but things are changing: new players are entering or preparing to enter the market with different strategies, products and price tags. Google has recently joined the battle with its Nexus 7 tablet, and Windows Surface RT is nearing to its October launch. So, what does the tablet Web usage look like today?

iPad vs Android tablets
Blackberry OS and webOS have both lost market share, and look they’re like doomed to disappear despite their efforts to retain some percentage of tablet users. Looking at the chart below, it’s clear that Apple’s iPad is still the worldwide leader, the difference being by how much when broken down into continents. To put this into perspective, Apple has so far sold 83.95 million iPads (based on its quarterly reports), while Google has recorded nearly 13 million Android tablet sales on a global scale. Web usage differences appear based on the successful penetration of the tablet OS in certain countries/continents.

However, as the numbers published by Royal Pingdom show, Android is growing. Well, maybe not much, but compared to last year’s equivalent survey, it is up 2.1%, reaching 13% worldwide, while the iPad is down from 87.9% to 85.7%.

As mentioned above, the only difference in the iPad’s market share is by how much it is dominating. Now, breaking down into European countries, the iPad’s leadership looks like this: in the UK, Ireland,  Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland Apple’s tablet owns more than 90% of the market, with the highest ranking being in Monaco at 96.1%. The Australian and New Zealand markets show a similar performance level.

If you were expecting South Korea (the homeland of Samsung) to favor Android, here is some juicy info: the iPad has 81.5%, while Android stands at 18.5%. Indeed, the Korean Times reported the high demand for the iPad with most of the users importing their Apple tablet directly from the US, despite Samsung’s efforts to the contrary. However, the iOS vs. Android penetration looks totally different if we consider the Smartphone market.

Android adoption doesn’t appear so bad in other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, South America and Russia where its market share is above 20%. Breaking down into countries: Thailand, 23.5%; Taiwan, 20.8%; Saudi Arabia, 24.3%; Brazil, 20.2%; Argentina, 25%; South Africa, 25.1%;and Russia, 22.2%. It’s worth noting here that the iPad now accounts for 89% of the Chinese tablet market, and the new iPad has just been launched on July 20. So we can expect that emerging market to weigh heavy in Apple’s future reports, as the company is working hard to make the adoption of the iPad seamless (see Baidu integration).

Looking at the above numbers: yes, the approximately 84 million tablets sold up to the end of June pushes the Android market share behind. It now remains to be seen whether Windows will make a successful entry, although the rumored price of its Surface tablet makes it highly uncompetitive compared to the iPad.

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