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iDebStore, A New Jailbreak App Store

In the iOS world, the jailbreak community is strongly rooted to Jay Freeman’s Cydia, which is the only application weathering the storms of the iOS mobile platform. Despite a strong position, Cydia had its share of criticism, wrong or right (you decide), leading to the creation of alternative jailbreak options.

Jailbreak iDebStore
iDebStore, although one of Cydia’s new competitors, is far from the only new jailbreak option. Typically in a market with multiple players, the main focus is for a better consumer experience and a boost in creativity, to improve the experience as an end-user. iDebStore aims to bring a new color into the jailbreak community. Right now, you can apply for a beta for the second stage only as the web-based installer is in closed public beta 1.

Among its main features, speed is one of the aces it has in its hand right now. While browsing through the page, I was pleasantly surprised by the page loading time. Among others in the jailbreak app store, iDeb supports all iOS version. One of the other key features you will enjoy the most is that you can forget about backups. iDeb aims to work like Apple’s App Store. The developers are building a system allowing the users to access all Packages they have purchased or downloaded, at anytime.

Payment methods accepted by the new jailbreak app store iDeb, are PayPal, Amazon and Google Cash. Developers are invited to submit their packages, which, according to iDeb’s website, will go through a security check performed by the iDeb developer team to ensure everybody is safe and will be visible on public Beta 2.

While iDebStore looks great and it works fine right now, it’s success now depends on its users. Fact is, Cydia is one of the key tools for jailbreaking among iOS users, and its name is iconic in the community. We’ll have to wait and see how iDebStore performs and how it manages to penetrate into the jailbreak community.

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