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iCloud Security Updated By Apple

Two weeks ago we wrote about how a hacker had managed to erase all the devices associated with an iCloud account (iPhone, iPad and Mac) within an hour and had hacked Gizmodo’s Twitter account raising iCloud security concerns. As soon as Apple was informed about the issue, it introduced a 24-hour block on password changing, a choice that wasn’t the best solution and which many users didn’t like, but which turned out to be just a temporary solution.

iCloud security
Turns out, Apple has been working at an accelerated pace to make your iCloud account more secure than ever. As reported by iSpazio today, the new system has been put into effect, so now new and old iCloud users alike will be greeted by a three-level security system protecting their online account.

So, how does this new security system work? If you are already an iCloud user, you can access your online account and make changes by visiting, an address provided in iTunes. As soon as you type in your credentials and hit enter, you can edit your Apple ID and access the new security features Apple has set up. You will be prompted to set up three security questions and provide answers to them, as well as an alternative address that you can use to reset your account password if you suspect your account has been hacked.

For New iCloud Users:

Apple has now enabled a new security system even more efficient than the previous one, which will make it much more difficult for certain types of account theft. This new system asks three security questions to which you need to provide the correct answer. In addition, you can associate a secondary email address called your, “rescue email address” for data recovery, by which you are able to circumvent this new system of protection. For new iCloud users, the above steps will be a must-do from the start.

As a closing thought: Apple isn't a perfect company, and it does manage to somehow mislead its customers on occasion (see AppleCare cases), as it makes profit from selling products. But still: despite its high prices, it is the company which has shown itself to be very professional and fast in solving problems—and I don’t mean just the iCloud or the Contacts list concerns—leaving its rivals far behind. Also, Apple uses best-quality materials in manufacturing its products, which is why they are so popular despite their prices. And finally, consider this: in just two weeks, they managed to solve a severe security issue, and make online accounts more secure than ever before, so you need not to worry longer.

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