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It’s FaceTime! Wait. No, It’s TrialTime.

China, the market where Apple wants to secure its position with the launch of the iPhone 5, is likely to be done through China Mobile (the country’s biggest wireless operator which recently passed 1.2 billion subscribers) since the carrier is readying its 4G LTE network for this fall. This is also the country where Apple fought for the iPad trademark and now fighting for FaceTime.

The Next Web reports that Apple faces a brand new lawsuit.This one has been filed by a man, who is mentioned just as “Lee”. According to Lee’s position which has been made public though his filing at the Intermediate People’s Court in Zhenjiang, Apple’s FaceTime violates one of his patents. As a technician for a Taiwanese tech company, Lee had to travel a lot through, multiple cities. So he created a way to make international calls to his company, parents and friends.

“Due to this reason, Lee was inspired and came up with an idea of implementing internet call feature on phones. Subsequently, he applied for this idea in 2003.”

Although this case has a lower priority for Apple than its case against Samsung in the San Jose Courtroom, this is the fourth lawsuit that Apple has had to face. Even after they paid $60 million for the iPad trademark in China. With a Snow Leopard suit, two Siri patent infringement cases, and now its FaceTime suit there is another headache for Apple’s legal team.

According to the local media the court already contacted Apple informing the company about the FaceTime patent infringement lawsuit and they are awaiting a response. We have to admit, that Apple’s cash pile is a very attractive money target for lawsuits. We’re not claiming that Lee’s patent is invalid, but there are thousands of patent troll lawsuits in the US, for instance, waiting for Apple to open its wallet.

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