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Apple TV To Get Another Life Through Cable TV Companies

According to Bloomberg—and confirmed by the Wall Street Journal—Apple TV will come out of “beta” as the world’s most valuable tech company, Apple is in talks with at least one of the biggest US cable companies to build a set-top box carrying live television and other content.

Apple TV
This could easily mean another life for the “hobby” device as the company calls its Apple TV box, which currently doesn’t provide live network broadcasting and is used for downloading iTunes content.

However, a deal with US cable companies would change the game in Apple’s favor: more content would be available, meaning more sales and more revenue. There are a couple roadblocks, though, and one of them is that cable companies have invested heavily in their own set-top boxes, which they now lease for a monthly fee to customers.

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray is one of the loudest speakers claiming Apple is set to launch its own television device, but this doesn’t make any sense if the Cupertino company were to strike a deal with the cable companies. There are a couple of renderings on the Web, but I wonder if the project is going live, after all. You might say Apple’s iTV will produce a deeper penetration into households, but as a recent survey shows, about 50% of US households own an Apple product. Apple already owns the living room with the iPad, and when the iPad mini hits the stores, it will rule the kids room too, and the percentage of households owning at least one Apple device, such as an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, will jump to higher levels.

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