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Apple to Samsung: We All Love Sci-fi, But We Are on Trial Now

Do you remember the great Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey”? If you didn’t see it, but you are a tech addict, maybe it’s time to finally do it. At least if you want to see an early iPad, imagined by Stanley Kubrick and his team as early as 1968, according to Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer’s lawyers apparently love science fiction movies because they asserted Apple has used the design of some futuristic devices shown in this particular sci-fi movie, making them wonder whether the iPad’s design is original or not.

Samsung vs. Apple
Judge Lucy Koh’s position was clear enough regarding this element: sci-fi isn’t a part of this trial, which is pretty real. Despite Samsung’s efforts, the company’s lawyers can’t use the motion picture evidence as part of their case asserting that Apple’s patents are invalid.
The South Korean manufacturer faced multiple criticisms from Judge Lucy Koh, and the Android handset manufacturer tried to fight back by releasing its unaccepted evidence to the mainstream media. As I see it, this looks like Samsung doesn’t want to play by the rules, which makes them look bad. This kind of act makes them look desperate, which also leads me to think that they are confident in the case’s weakness, which is why they tried to obtain support from the public. This doesn’t really work; instead these actions affected their reputation.
In its case against Apple, Samsung tried to introduce evidence showing that Apple’s iPhone was highly influenced by Sony’s product design, before it obtained its final design as we know it today.
Apple’s position: they accuse Samsung of creating distorted and misleading evidence. Just to name a few from the long list of “evidence”: “Samsung’s exhibit compared the D‘305 patent and a photograph of a Samsung phone that includes the body style that is not accused of infringing the D‘305 patent.” Another “evidence”: “the scale of the D‘899 patent is enlarged to make it appear substantially thicker than the accused Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1”
The fight is fierce enough between the two companies, and seems like it will affect their long-term business relationship. Voices have started to whisper that Apple decided to cut Samsung Display from the iPad supplier list and apparently gave the order to Sharp and LG Display. Well it remains to be seen; yet what we’ve heard recently is that Sharp and LG are on schedule to ship the eagerly awaited iPhone panels, not Samsung. [Via AllThingsD, AppleInsider]

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