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Judge Lucy Koh: Apple And Samsung Better Reach An Agreement Before Jury’s Verdict

It’s time for peace; these were the words of US District Judge Lucy Koh, who asked Apple and Samsung’s chief executives to speak to each other, at least on the phone, before the jury deliberates in the fourth week of the trial of the twenty-first century.

Apple vs. Samsung
Koh’s suggestion comes after a series of personal meetings between the two company’s CEOs which has had no positive output. Apple went after Samsung, saying the South Korean manufacturer slavishly copied the iPhone and iPad designs, as well as application icons.

Behind the courtroom rivalry, the real reason for the patent fight is industry supremacy: Apple and Samsung’s control of the Smartphone market accounts for a combined 50%+, so now the real fight is for the No. 1 position Apple lost to the South Korean manufacturer in the first calendar quarter of 2012.

This is the third week of the trial, and each company has had their moments of success, even if not in the courtroom (see Samsung’s decision to send the unaccepted materials to the press), but most of the time Apple was on top of the situation.

A good example of the ongoing courtroom drama Apple vs. Samsung, is the testimony of Samsung’s industry designer Ji Soo Kim, who developed the Galaxy Line tablets. According to his words, he began developing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in October 2009, months before Apple launched the iPad, or, let me say, before the iPad went public in January 2010. He emphasized that the screen was set at 10.1 inches, and when asked whether he copied the designs of other companies, Ji Soo Kim answered with an obvious “no”.

Apple’s attorney, however, has shown Samsung internal emails referring to a Google and Samsung executive meeting, highlighting that Google executives suggested the South Korean manufacturer should redesign its early tablet because it too closely resembled Apple’s iPad. That was in February 2010. The answer from Samsung’s designer was that he didn’t attend that specific meeting and was not briefed by his colleagues. Well, this is an answer indeed. However, since an Apple and Samsung settlement isn’t likely, we will maybe hear the jury’s verdict next week. [Via Reuters]

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