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Apple Working To Improve Airplay Technology To Drop Need For Wi-Fi Connection

Apple is working to enable Airplay without the need for a Wi-Fi network technology, rumored to be launched at the expected September 12 iPhone 5 event. Airplay Direct (the working title of the new technology) will allow wireless music playback, except this time, you won’t need to use your wireless network.

Airplay Direct
According to sources familiar with the matter cited by The Telegraph, Apple is working to improve the currently popular Airplay wireless music streaming technology. The new version will only require speakers and an iDevice, as it will allow the iPhone or iPad to form its own network, a basic condition to connect directly to the speakers and play music.

The technology is expected to be a part of the Apple keynote on September 12, which is the rumored launch date of the next-generation iPhone. Another change targets the iPod connector, and it due to the above news about Airplay improvement, it is expected to combine the size change with Airplay Direct. In other words, the new iPod won’t require a physical connection with the dock, yet the iDevice will be able to play music using the new Airplay Direct technology. Android devices use built-in Bluetooth for connecting with music players.

The iPod dock connector has been part of the device since its third-generation launch in 2003 and given its size, Apple needed to sacrifice the already limited space that could be used for other components or functions. The smaller dock connector has been rumored since early this year, and as the current picture leaks show, it will be part of the new iPhone and iPod Touch. So, everything coincides with Apple’s push of the improved Airplay functionality, which could be an essential component of the device’s enhanced functionality.

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