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Here’s a $39.99 Gadget That Does Absolutely Nothing, Seriously [VIDEO]

Once in a while, we like to present some of the most interesting gadgets that we could find over the web. Some of these gadgets would either be extremely useful or it may have features that could only be described as "cool." But there are devices and gizmos that are simply way too weird that it deserves to be placed on the spotlight. By saying "way too weird", I actually meant completely useless and pointless. Well, here's an invention that does.. absolutely nothing.

Useless Box Kit
ThinkGeek is an online retailer that caters to the computer enthusiasts and pretty much the "geek" culture in general. They are known for churning products that are really unique, innovative and just collectively cool. Well, what we have for you now is probably one of the most useless gadgets that you will ever get your hands on. Introducing the Useless Box Kit, a mysterious black box that has a switch on it. What does this switch does? Once you flip the switch, the box will open up and a small metal contraption will flip the switch back. And that's pretty much it. Sounds rather complex, isn't it? Here's a video just in case you have trouble appreciating the brilliance of this device:

I have to admit that I found myself chuckling over that video and it can be attributed to the fact that this device is so hilariously pointless and stupid. Human beings have the tendency to flick a switch or push a button, just so they could see what it does and satisfy their own curiosity. The box does absolutely nothing; it doesn't display lights, it doesn't make a sound, nothing! So people will most likely switch it multiple times just to see if it's working properly. And thus, this gadget makes it an excellent prank tool. So if anything, this is more like a humor piece rather than a shiny new gadget. Depending on how easily entertained you are, this could potentially keep you busy for days.

If you want to own your very own Useless Box Kit, just head over to ThinkGeek and purchase it for a cool $39.99. [via Mashable]

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    RawX6 years ago

    omg i love it! i want to buy one now and mess with my friends hahah :)