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Did The iPhone 5 Just Got Smuggled Out of Foxconn? [IMAGE]

As you all know by now, there is no shortage of reports regarding the next Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5. Although almost all of them are non-official as they are mostly composed of rumors, speculations and predictions. But of course, this happens each time a new iPhone is about to be released and this just indicates that massive interest that folks have for the next iPhone. With that said, a new report suggests that the iPhone 5 has been smuggled out of Foxconn. Check it out after the jump.

iPhone 5 Mockup
As per usual with leaks such as this, the source of this particular news bit is China. It is a common occurrence for case manufacturers in China to get insider information regarding the upcoming iPhone. As Gizmodo reported, a Chinese case manufacturer has been showing off a device claimed to be the iPhone 5. Check out the product shots below:
iPhone 5 Leaked Photos
As you can see from the leaked photos, the case fits into the device which is purported to be the next-gen iPhone. What is seen here pretty much coincides nicely with the ongoing rumors about the iPhone 5. You have the larger and longer screen, 9mm headphone socket at the bottom, and the 19-pin dock port. While the origin of this leak may seem like suspect, leaked iPhone models are not necessarily an impossible affair as it has happened in the past before. If this leaked photo is true, then it is possible that Foxconn is already in the process of manufacturing the iPhone 5. The fact that the 6th generation iPhone is set to be released in October only reinforces these speculations.

But then again, it is also possible that this is merely a custom-made prototype in an effort to drum up hype and free PR for the case manufacturer. So what do you think of this image? Is this really the much-anticipated iPhone 5?

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