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iPhone 5 Feature List: 19-Pin Dock Connector Confirmed

A new report from Reuters reaffirms earlier rumors about the iPhone 5’s smaller, 19-pin dock connector. The news agency is the first among mainstream media outlets to report that Apple’s next generation iPhone will discontinue the use of 30-pin dock connector—part of Apple’s gadgets for about 10 years—to make room for the earphone at the bottom.

iPhone 30-pin dock connector
Back in February, iMore was the first one to report—citing its unnamed sources—that Apple is getting ready to lose the 30-pin dock connector to save space inside the iPhone 5 for more important components, such as a bigger battery and 4G LTE radio.

In its current form, the 30-pin dock connector is a relatively big component and its functionality dropped over the years. We don’t have to look too far back to see this, just until the launch of the iPhone 4: at the time the device wasn’t PC free, iCloud was just a project and AirPlay was something everyone was waiting for but no one knew about. There was also no Bluetooth 4.0, so all data transferring and syncing had to go through this large 30-pin dock connector.

With the introduction of iCloud, backing up data is easier than ever. Wi-Fi sync works even with large files—although it isn’t that quick compared to wired data syncing, but it doesn’t lock you to your desk—and mirroring can be done over the air. In other words everything is now set for a new era of connectivity and that involves a change from Apple: the 19-pin dock connector, which means a new start for both the manufacturer and consumers.

While a smaller dock connector means new business for accessory vendors, it can annoy Apple fans as the iPhone 5 will not connect with accessories like speakers and power chargers, part of the ecosystem built around iOS devices. We can safely expect Apple to release an adaptor to satisfy its older customers.

Apple needs to find a solution not to disappoint their current clients who want to upgrade to the new iPhone but are tied to an expensive accessory that have bought, said Franciso Jeronimo, London-based analyst at technology research firm IDC. I believe Apple will come up with some sort of adaptor so the new iPhone can be used with previous connectors.

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