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Thoughts About iPhone 5 Battery

As suggested by the CEO of Verizon, the iPhone 5 release date is likely to be at the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year. It is well known that the long awaited update to the coveted smartphone has entered into production or is at least inching towards it. However, before we get our hands on the device, there are a few issues Apple needs to fox. Battery life is the most prevalent of all the issues plaguing the current iPhone.

iPhone 5 battery as seen by
While the iPhone 4S (and the iPhone overall) consumer satisfaction is well above average, most of the users have one big complaint: its battery life. A global survey highlighted that 45% of all iPhone 4S owners have complaints about the battery. In a guest post published at Forbes, Noam Kedem, the VP of marketing for Leyden Energy—battery makers—discusses the steps Apple could take to improve battery life.

Before the launch of the new iPad, Apple faced battery concerns with it’s design. In an attempt to preserve the user experience it is so famous for, Apple made a compromise ane increased the iPad’s thickness by 0.6 mm and weight by 51 grams. The primary issue is that Li-ion batteries have limitations. Noam Kedem states that innovation in li-ion batteries has been slow. This makes us wonder if Apple will continue using this type of battery, which currently powers almost every mobile device on the market.

The iPhone 5 is likely to require even more battery life that previous models. If the rumors are right, it will feature a 4-inch retina display and a more powerful processor. It’s believed that the new processor will be a quad-core A6 chip, but that has not yet been confirmed, Other rumors are that it will also have 4G LTE connectivity. If any of these rumors are correct, then Apple will have to find a way to improve battery life. If all of those rumors are right, then they will have to implement an entirely new type of battery technology. Otherwise, we will all end up having to keep our iPhones plugged in wherever we go.

In other words, the focus in the fight for battery technology is for better battery life. In an effort to get better power options, Apple has filed a couple patents. Each of these shows the company is searching for power alternatives. The first glimpses of this new energy might be seen with the new iPhone. While one of the patents deals with a hydrogen fuel cell battery, technology that can’t be used at this time, the other is a solar energy power option. When Apple launched the iPad it also filed a couple patents that revealed their aspiration of engineering a solar powered media player. However, neither power option is without its issues and will require a lot of work before being ready for public use.

As a final word: we don’t know how Apple will solve the challenge of better battery life for the iPhone 5. However, as the new iPad’s battery shows, they are taking steps to make the battery last longer. Reducing and removing anything they can to room for a better battery while still outperforming the device’s predecessor. [Image via iFixit]

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