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iPhone 5 With 1GB RAM, 4G LTE & NFC, To Begin Production Phase In Six Weeks

By this point in time, we all know that the iPhone 5 or the sixth-generation iPhone is coming this fall. So it is understandable that the tech world is now receiving a hailstorm of rumors, predictions, and speculations from pretty much everywhere. There have been reports that the next-gen iPhone is already on its production phase. But here's another report contradicting those previous reports about the iPhone 5 being under production.

White iPhone 5 Concept Design
According to a new report by BGR, citing their "trusted" sources, the production phase Apple's next generation iPhone hasn't commenced yet. It is known that Apple conducts various tests on multiple stages, and two of these stages are the engineering verification test and design verification test. According to the source, the 6th-gen iPhone is currently on the EVT3 stage which is the third revision of the engineering test stage and has yet to enter the DVT stage. For your reference, here are the production dates of the past iPhones according to the source:

  • Verizon (VZ) iPhone 4: This hit the EVT2 stage in mid-November, hit EVT3 the last week of November, and got up to DVT2 in late December.
  • iPhone 4: The unit that was lost in a San Francisco bar was in DVT stage in late March, and had hit EVT2 by mid-February of 2010.

As BRG reported, it is quite possible that Apple has been producing engineering samples for the new iPhone which is the ones that are allegedly being leaked into the wild. It is also feasible that the company has been manufacturing device enclosures so they could deal with any issues that may surface prior to the start of the actual production.

In addition to that, BGR confirms that Apple is currently testing a device with 1GB of RAM (compared to the iPhone 4S's 512MB), integrated 4G LTE radios and NFC hardware. While these specs are widely rumored in the past and although BGR's track record is a bit on the "hit and miss" side, somehow we are inclined to believe that the next iPhone would indeed have these features. They are long incorporated with several Android phones after all.

Expect more iPhone 5 news to come. [via BGR]

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