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iOS In-App Purchasing Cracked by Russian Hacker to Get Free Content [VIDEO]

When it comes to mobile operating systems, the iOS is touted as one of the most secure ones. Compared to let's say, the Android where malwares and viruses are not exactly rare occurrences. But even the iOS is not immune to exploits (see: jailbreaking). A new report has surfaced that a hacker was able to successfully crack the iOS in-app purchasing mechanism.

iOS In-App Purchasing
In case you don't know, the iOS in-app purchasing mechanism is a system that lets you purchase additional content for apps and games. It could be in-game items, more levels or an upgrade to the full working version of an app. Russian blog has found out that a Russian developer ZonD80 was able to manage a workaround that will let users acquire in-app purchases for absolutely no cost. What's disturbing is that the method doesn't even require a jailbreak and it only needs an iOS device and it works on all versions of iOS from 3.0 to 6.0.

The involved method is pretty easy as well that even casuals should be able to do it with little to no difficulty. As of this moment, it seems that the in-appstore proxy currently down and according to the many updates, the method still works. But we can only imagine that Apple won't let this exploit last long, so one can expect a swift remedy for this one. According to a statement by ZonD80:

Hi everyone. I moved info site go blogspot.

Currently service is down due to high load. Currently we have VPS with 512mb memory aboard, and there is no way to satisfy everyone with such hardware.

Apple is a big company, I am not. If you want to help me to buy really dedicated 4-quad core server with at least 4gbytes of ram – donate to paypal account

Setup of dedicated server usually took 2-3 days. Sorry, guys.

If you wish to know about the procedure involved, we suggest that you check out this site. Here at Jaxov, we do not condone piracy and stealing other people's hard work. So try this at your own risk. [via 9to5Mac]

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