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iOS 6 Beta 3 Comes With Improved Maps and Handy Mail Tricks

With the iOS 6 Beta 3 out, we were eager to find out what was new in this release. Along with bug fixes, improvements and email addresses already active, iOS 6 will likely become a favorite Apple mobile OS, due to features it comes with when it is publicly available this fall.

However, there are still a couple months to go until the final version, but until then, here is what we have found to be new in iOS 6 beta 3.
iOS 6 maps settings
First things first: Maps. With iOS 6, Apple has decided to part from Google Maps and partnered up with TomTom, to launch its own map software. iOS 6 Map elements are vector based—made from scratch—and they are evolving with each beta version of iOS 6. Now Apple has added an option to measure distances in Miles or Kilometers (which is great for Europeans, as we use Kilometers). In addition, you can now choose to see map labels in English, which can be very handy—just think about a visit to Greece, for instance. Also, users can now control the volume of iOS 6 Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation feature.
iOS 6 mail tricks
Another handy improvement that ships with iOS 6 beta 3 concerns the Mail App. For those—like myself—using the unified inbox feature of Apple’s Mail App, accessing draft messages was cumbersome in iOS 5.1. With iOS 6 everything has changed: now, you can access your previous drafts simply by holding down the “New mail” icon, which will then do its magic. It will take you to a new page where you will have all your previous drafts and the option to compose a new message. Isn’t that wonderful?

Great news for iPhone 3GS users: With yesterday’s release of iOS 6 beta 3, Apple has opened up previously closed doors. Until now, iPhone 3GS didn’t support great new features such as shared Photo Streams and VIP mail filtering. That has now changed, and Apple has confirmed it on the iOS 6 preview page too, reducing the number of footnotes to six. With iPhone 3GS support added to iOS 6, Apple has taken a significant step ahead contrary to its previous moves, but still we are wondering why the first-generation iPad isn’t supported.

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