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Mozilla Firefox 14 Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Download Now! [Direct Links]

As far as web browsers go, there is no doubt that Mozilla Firefox is one of the most relevant ones. At one point, the browser has enjoyed massive popularity as it snatches market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer. But after Google Chrome was introduced, the popularity of Firefox has waned significantly over the past many years. While it is manages to hang on, it certainly pales in comparison when it comes to the popularity of Chrome. Thanks to the Google web browser's snappy interface and frequent updates. And now, Mozilla has also altered their own release schedules in order to stay relevant. With that said, Firefox 14 has just been released for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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That's right folks, just about 6 weeks after Firefox 13, Mozilla rolls another update for their web browser. So what are the new things that you can expect from Firefox 14? Well it seems that security is the order of the day because a good chunk of the updates with Firefox 14 concern the matter of security. First off, Google searches are now encrypted and will utilize HTTPS. The site identity manager has also been enhanced to prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons. In addition, plugins can now be configured to only load on click which enables users to use their add-ons on demand. Mac OS X Lion users will also now be able to enjoy full screen browsing.
Download Firefox 14
In addition to the various security and performance fixes, there is nothing much that is added to this new version of Firefox. So users who are expecting a radical new browser will be severely disappointed. Well, if you have been keeping up with Mozilla's updates since last year, you would know better than to expect a complete browser overhaul. I reckon it's better for Firefox users in general because problems and bugs are swiftly addressed rather than having to wait a long time before the next big update, like with the older versions prior to Firefox 4.

Firefox 14 Download Links:

Download Firefox 14 for Windows.
Download Firefox 14 for Mac.
Download Firefox 14 for Linux.

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