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Now This is a Brilliant Idea to Stop iPhone Thefts

It is no secret that Apple's iPhone is one of the most highly-sought gadgets of modern times. For most people, it is simply a must-have device. So it is not entirely surprising that the iPhone is also on the most-wanted list of thieves. Here is a brilliant idea that could potentially stop iPhone thefts and make the act itself pretty useless.

Stop iPhone Thefts
Thieves are pretty updated nowadays when it comes to modern tech, so they are likely aware that the iPhone has a software that allows the owner to track it from afar or remotely wipe off the device itself. So a tech savvy thief will simply turn off the device without delay once they find or steal one. But Cabel Maxfield Sasser, co-founder of Panic Software, has an idea that could stop the thief from shutting down the device and it is actually quite simple.

When my phone was stolen in SF last year, they immediately powered it down to stop Find My iPhone. Settings idea: "Shutdown Requires PIN"?

Cabel Sasser Tweet
By having to use a PIN code to shutdown iPhone, this will stop the thief from shutting down the phone quickly. And because the iPhone has non-removable batteries, this makes the iPhone pretty much impossible to shutdown. But of course, this is not exactly a foolproof idea. The thief could simply remove the SIM card and it will still be impossible to reach by the owner, unless he is lingering around in a known WiFi area. The thief may also place the iPhone into a radio-proof bag or a Faraday's cage and it will still remain undetectable. In addition to that, the thief may also hold the Home and Power button together for a few seconds and it will shut down. So unless that is addressed, this idea is not applicable.

Having to enter a PIN code on shutdown might also affect some of the known trouble shooting tricks and other functionality-related matters. But still, this is a pretty good idea to reduce iPhone thefts as long as the execution can offset the workarounds.

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