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New OS X Malware Detected: Don’t Open It!

New OS X malware was detected yesterday by the guys from Kaspersky Lab. This malware opens a backdoor in your Mac, allowing hackers to take control of your computer. Beware: do not open files you don’t trust! Read on for more info.

Kaspersky Lab announced on his Blog that new malware is detected. Not for Windows, but unexpectedly for OS X. Read the following very carefully and beware what you receive in your mailbox.

OS X Malware

Similar Tibet Malware was discovered back in March, when a big part of the Mac-users where infected. Now when everything is quiet again, the Tibet Malware strikes again! It seems that the new malware also uses the similar Java exploit as the one in March. It is being used as part of a quite traditional Trojan Horse Attack.

If you receive an email with an attached file called This file contains a JPG Photo and a MacOS X app. Both of them you really don’t want be part of your system. So, don’t open it! If you open it, and the app is installed, the app connects to a remote server in China. This will enable the guys behind this attack to access files and have the ability to run local commands. It is obvious that we don’t want that in our systems. If you encounter a mail like this, just remove it and don’t forget to empty the trashcan.

Small detail is the fact that the guys who wrote the attack, didn’t paid much attention during English Class at school: Lot of typo’s are made in the code, like ‘Receive’ instead of ‘Receive’, ‘os verison’ instead of ‘os version’ and ‘memery’ instaed of ‘memory’.

Kaspersky updated the blog today, announcing that a Windows counterpart of the backdoor used in this attack is also discovered.

New OS X Malware

Unprotected Is A Big NO!

It seems that the days of unprotected surfing with OS X are over. Once, the Mac OS X was not worrying about viruses and attacks. For the hackers, the platform was not interesting since Mac has a relatively small user-base. But, as it seems now, the worldwide user-base is interesting enough to make this malware and send it. Besides all the Macs, think of all the connected devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Can be very interesting for the hackers in the near future.

Take Our Advice: Update!

We also mentioned this during the last attack, we advice everyone strongly to activate the automated update-system in the system-preferences. Besides that, find good antivirus software to be protected against this OS X Malware and other attacks in the future. [via Kaspersky]

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