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Top 10 Tumblr Themes of All Time

It is a highly social world that we live in. It is a fact that people are now seeking for the fastest possible ways to post their everyday opinions and observations. This is why the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are booming. But these days, as a micro-blogging platform, Tumblr is getting quite a lot of traction. Although not as popular as Twitter, Tumblr has the upper hand when it comes to customization. And when it comes to customization, one of the first things that come to your mind are themes. These are the Top 10 Tumblr Themes of All Time.

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Top 10 Tumblr Themes of All Time


This is a very nice theme with some neat color coordination that is simply pleasing to look at. The wooden background really helps in accomplishing that neat but stylish look.
Chopan Tumblr Themes


This is a good theme to use if you want to display many sections at a time. As the name of this Tumblr theme implies, this goes well with displaying photos.
Photoboard Tumblr Theme

Natural Elegance

Dark theme lovers will surely have a lot to love in this Tumblr theme. It is a highly elegant theme that is both simple and striking.
Natural Elegance Tumblr Theme

Colorful Space

This is a colorful theme against a dark background which really helps in emphasizing the color scheme of theme. The colored buttons are a pretty nice touch as well.
Colorful Space Tumblr Theme


If you love a soft green theme, then you would want to install this one. The brown section of the theme with stitching makes it all look leathery.
Spring Tumblr Theme

Color Shades

Now this is a pretty cool theme because you have the option of changing the color scheme on the fly, adding more customizability.
Color Shades Tumblr Theme

Be Original

This is a highly simple theme but still manages to be extra sleek. It is very stylish and elegant looking and the torn paper effect adds a nice touch.
Be Original Tumblr Theme1

It’s the Interweb

A very unique Tumblr theme . Users are greeted with panels of images which brings you to a new link when clicked.
It's The Interweb Tumblr Theme


Another unique theme that is quite up there in terms of aesthetic value. You will be greeted by Instagram-like images which links to the full image when clicked.
Vertetbleu Tumblr Theme


Hovering your mouse pointer over the bars will expand its content and enable you to click them. A great balance between uniqueness and aesthetics.
Organ Tumblr Theme
So what's your favorite theme? Did it make to the list? Do let us know your favorite Tumblr themes in the comment section below!


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