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Reduce Boot Time & Optimize Your Windows PC Performance Using Soluto

Reduce Boot Time, certainly one of the most common frustrations that an average computer user has coupled with system slowdown. Well, who enjoys navigating sluggishly through their system or to wait for a ridiculous amount of time while the computer boots? A sluggish computer system is a huge waste of time and thus negatively affecting your overall productivity. If your computer is constantly frustrating you, then you should definitely check out our featured application for today.

Soluto Optimize PC and Reduce Boot Time
The name of the software that we have for you today is Soluto for Windows. The program's primary goal is to help the user optimize his PC and speed up boot time. If you are someone who thinks that your computer is too slow or your boot time is simply unbearable (or both), then Soluto might be able to help you. To start using Soluto, you need to undergo a quick sign-up process and download the software (don't worry it is free). When you run Soluto, you will be presented with three main modules: Lighten Web Browser, Chop Boot and Heal Crashes.
Soluto - Install
Soluto Modules

Speed Up Your Web Browser

The first module, Lighten Web Browser does exactly what its name implies, make your web browser more snappier. Many users have a knack to install many different add-ons to their web browsers. While this can further expand the functionality of a browser, this can also cause significant slowdown. Soluto supports three browsers (at least in my case) and in each browser you will see the add-ons installed. Soluto will analyze your system and determine which add-ons can be removed safely, disabled or which can be possibly removed (depending on the user). Each add-ons can be highlighted and Soluto will give a brief description of what an add-on does.
Soluto Lighten Web Browser Module
Soluto Lighten Web Browser Module_1

Reduce Boot Time

The next module is called Chop Boot, which is a feature to reduce boot time. Keep in mind that this is not an automatic optimization but instead Soluto will provide you which applications are running during while booting up and just how much time do they contribute to the boot times. The applications are grouped rather attractively and shows which apps can be removed entirely and which can be potentially removed. You can either pause an application, or delay it. Delaying an app will result in a faster boot time but the app will still load a little later but at least during the time when the computer is under a lot less stress.
Soluto Reduce Boot Time
Soluto Reduce Boot Time Module
After disabling and delaying a couple programs, Soluto has helped me shave about 30 seconds off my boot time.
Soluto Reduce Boot Time_1

Fix System Crashes

The last module is called Heal Crashes. Soluto can be configured so it runs in the background so when a crash occurs, the app will be able to diagnose the problem and apply a solution for it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test this module extensively since I experienced no crashes while using Soluto.
Soluto Heal Crashes Module


On the surface, Soluto is not exactly a breakthrough solution and we're sure that you have used similar programs with identical features before. But Soluto stands out because it provides a no-nonsense approach which is perfect for non-tech savvy users. It has a great, animated user interface, easy to install and best of all, it is free. If you are looking to optimize your PC and reduce boot time, Soluto is worth checking out.

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