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Google Launches Chrome 19, Adds New Tab Syncing Feature [VIDEO]

When it comes to web browsers, there is very little doubt that Google's Chrome Browser is certainly one of the best ones. Combining Google's no-nonsense approach to its interface and of course there's the blazing fast speed of the browser itself. And now avid Chrome users are in for a treat because Google just launched version 19 of its ever popular browser for Windows, Mac and Linux to its mainstream stable release channel.

Google Chrome 19
So what can you expect from Chrome 19? As per usual, you can expect various bug fixes and performance enhancements but certainly the core addition to this build is certainly Tab Syncing. With this new feature, Chrome users will be able to effortlessly sync the tabs they have opened across all their devices which includes tablets and Android phones that run the Ice Cream Sandwich-only Chrome for Android beta.
Chrome 19 Sign-in Google Account
Let's say you are browsing on your computer and decided to leave and have to end your session, with Tab Syncing you can easily pickup your browsing session on any other supported platform of Chrome. You will just need to sign-in on Chrome using your Google Account. Another neat thing that is worth noting is that this new feature will also save your browsing history which means that even your back and forward buttons will work as well. Check out the video below to understand more about Tab Syncing.

Chrome 19 Video Ad

Again, you will need to sign-in on your Google Account so you can take advantage of the new Tab Syncing feature along with other syncing features such as bookmarks, apps, history, themes, extensions and so on. Chrome 19 is now officially live although the new Tab Syncing feature is said to rollout over the coming weeks.

So update your browser to Chrome 19 now and enjoy the latest stable release. [via GoogleBlog]

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