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4-Inch Screen iPhone is Set for Production Next Month, Says WSJ [RUMOR]

While the upcoming WWDC is not expected to reveal anything significant in terms of hardware (especially not a new iPhone), it doesn't mean that there will be a shortage of rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming 6th generation iPhone. When it comes to reports about the specifications of the new iPhone, certainly one of the most popular aspects is the screen. Here's another report stating that Apple is set to release a 4-inch screen iPhone.

4-inch screen iPhone
Citing the ever-familiar "people familiar with the matter" sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has already placed orders for larger screens to its Asian suppliers. The alleged larger screen will measure at least four inches diagonally and is clearly larger than that of the current and older iPhone models, the sources told. In case you don't know, ever since the original iPhone, the screen has always featured a 3.5-inch diagonal display. But it seems that Apple is about to make history once the upcoming iPhone with a larger display will be announced.

Production for the iPhones with larger displays is to kickstart in next month and much like previous reports indicated, it will hit the market this coming fall, much like with the iPhone 4S. According to the sources, Apple has partnered with several screen makers which include South Korea's LG Display Co., Japan's Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc.

If anyone can recall earlier this month, South Korean company Samsung just unveiled their newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III boasting a sizable 4.8-inch display and considered to be one of the largest smartphone screens in the market. If Apple is indeed going for a larger screen for the next iPhone, will it be because of the pressure that the competition applies? Or will it be because Apple is set to appease its fans who have been clamoring for larger screen for quite some time now? Or perhaps a 4-inch screen iPhone is the next sensible, evolutionary upgrade for Apple's smartphone line? [via TheWSJ]

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