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Convert Images, Documents & Videos Online Using Zamzar For Free

Here is a solution to Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs. Why? Suppose you found this awesome video clip on YouTube and you want to download the song to listen to it over and over again. But you can’t find it on the Internet or you don’t know the name of the song. That is where Zamzar comes in: a free online conversion tool to extract the audio from a YouTube video.

Zamzar is a free online conversion tool. You can convert files without the need of downloading software. It doesn’t make any difference if you are on Linux, Windows or a Mac. Zamzar works online in your favorite browser.

Conversion Formats

Zamzar has so many possibilities. It supports the most common formats for documents, images, music, video, eBooks, compression and CAD. Let’s have a look at one of those options:

Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs

Step 1

Most likely, you already found your favorite video clip on Youtube. Locate the URL and copy it.
Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs

Step 2

Go to Zamzar and choose the tab ‘download videos’, paste the YouTube URL in the first field. In the next field you can choose the format. Since we want to extract the audio, we choose here MP3. In the third field, fill in a valid email-address because the link to the converted file will be emailed to you. When you are done, click on ‘Convert’.

Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs
Zamzar asks for a confirmation. Check your (valid) email address and the conversion type. Everything correct? Click on ‘ok’!


convert youtube videos to audio files

Step 3

When Zamzar is ready converting your YouTube clip, you will receive an email with the download link. Click on it, and you will be taken back to the site.

Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs

Step 4

When back on the site, just click on ‘Download Now’.
Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs

Step 5

When the file is finished downloading, enjoy the music!

But Wait .. There is More You Can Do!

In the same way we described here, you can also convert your own home-videos, documents or music by uploading them to Zamzar.


Zamzar has also a web browser button available. Drag this into your toolbar, and you are no more than a click away from converting your favorite video while you are surfing. There is also a possibility to send a file as an attachment in a mail, and Zamzar will send you the converted file back!

Free Versus Paid

This service is completely free to use. And for normal use, with files that don’t exceed 100 Mb, the free option is all you need. But if you want to convert bigger files or you want to manage your converted files online up to an amazing total of 100 Gb, you can use the paid services of Zamzar.

Is Zamzar Safe?

Some people think that Zamzar is not safe because you have to upload your personal files to get them converted. But there are already so many satisfied users, they can’t be wrong. And if you use the free service, the uploaded and converted files will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Now you can Convert YouTube Videos to Audio Songs for free!

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