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Top 20 Most Stunning & Amazing 404 Error Pages

Ah, 404 Error Page! We all have come across one and if you hadn't bumped into one, then you clearly do not use the internet enough. Stumbling into a 404 error page is usually a frustrating experience and is usually followed-up by a bunch of expletives. But once in a while, we come across some 404 pages that are actually quite well-made.

Some 404 pages can make us smile, some of it can make us laugh out loud and there are those that can simply make us exclaim, "cool". Having a great 404 page is important as it can help reengage your visitors to navigate your website. Here's some of the best 404 pages we could find over the web.

404 Error Page


Lego 404 Error Page

The Onion

The Onion 404 Page

Mint 404 Page

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment 404 Error Page


SeatGeek 404 Page


IGN 404 Page


Limpfish 404 Error Page


This one is actually interactive. You can manipulate the cube using your mouse. Cool!
Foradian 404 Page


This is another good one, try clicking on the unicorn :)
Blippy 404 Error Page

Larry West Productions

Larry West Productions 404 Page

Homestar Runner

They also have an old one which features a short skit as to why the website is down. Check it here.
Homestar Runner 404 Page

Steve Lambert

Watch a guy prattle on in the most awkward way for about five minutes. Quite painful, really!
Steve Lambert 404 Page


Oglaf 404 Page


GitHub 404 Page


Snakkd 404 Page


Larknews 404 Page


This one features a pretty elaborate video of some guys shooting a web page. Hilarious!
Nosh 404 Page


Flabber 404 Page


CSS Tricks 404 Page

Blue Fountain Media

This one actually lets you play a working Pac-Man game complete with authentic sound effects. Just friggin' cool.
BlueFountainMedia 404 Page

So what else did we miss? Do you have a favorite one that isn't found in the list? Do share your 404 error page with us on the comment section.

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