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KeePass: Best Free Password Manager for Windows, Linux & Mac

Online security is something that is not to be taken lightly. Being hacked and having your sensitive information stolen is truly a nightmarish scenario that we all want to avoid. This is why we do not only make sure that our login passwords are strong (123456 or your birthdate isn't exactly a strong password) but we also see to it that we have different passwords for every online accounts and applications that we have. Now keeping track of all these passwords can be such a pain which is why it is time for you to use a password manager.

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Introducing KeePass, a password manager application. KeePass is an open-source software for Windows (but also ported to Linux, Mac OS X and even mobile devices). Basically what this software does is store all of your accounts and passwords. All of which is saved in an encrypted file which is stored in your computer. Since it is stored in your computer as opposed to being web-based, you have full control of your password database. When you attempt to open the file in your computer, you will be asked for the master password.
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KeePass Features

  • Password Generator: This feature is extremely useful when you are signing up to a new website. Don't want to create a password yourself? Then you can use KeePass to generate a highly secured password. No need to commit anything to your memory.
  • KeePass Password Generator

  • Password Quality Meter: KeePass has a built-in indicator that tells you just how strong your password is. Use this feature so you can create a strong password.
  • Autotype: By using KeePass, you will be able to automatically log your username and password which definitely saves a lot of time.
  • Master Key: In order to access the password database you can either enter a master password (just try not to forget it or you will be locked out) or you can utilise a key file which can be stored through removable storage format such as a USB stick.
  • KeePass Master Key

  • Account and Password Management: KeePass provides an interface that allows you to easily manage all your accounts and its respective passwords. In order to neatly organize all your information, you can create groups and subgroups.
  • KeePass Edit Entry

  • Easily Import / Export: KeePass provides an option where you can easily import or export your information into a variety of formats like XML, CSV, HTML, Text and so on.
  • KeePass Import FileData

If there is one caveat to KeePass, it is the fact that it can be quite complex to use at first due to its layout. So we highly recommend that you take some time to browse KeePass' help files and learn through experimentation. It may look like hard to use, but in reality it isn't.

So if you are still using a notepad or spreadsheet to keep your accounts and passwords, then perhaps it is time that you ditch your old ways and download KeePass. It is 100% free so you have nothing to lose by trying.

Download KeePass

Download KeePass Password Manager.

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