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Download Vuziq to Get Video Ringtones For iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

A new application has been released by folks over BigBoss repo which allows you to download video ringtones for iPhone. The app is surprisingly easy to use and streamlined. Users must first register quickly at the start up screen, after that everything is a cake walk.

Vuziq: The Ultimate Massive Ringtones Library for iPhone

Search Music Videos on Vuziq
The music video library seems to be quite expansive! Everything that I searched for turned up some sort of a result. I was quite impressed with the variety that was available. If you are interested in listening to streaming music on iPhone then you should consider looking at Spotify.

Vuziq Features For Adding Video Ringtones for iPhone

Vuziq has all those features which you want when it comes to adding video ringtones to your iPhone! Everything you would expect is already there. You can:

Customize video ringtones for different contacts

Contact Settings for Video Ringtones for iPhone

Edit music video clip length for calls

Edit Music Video for Video Ringtones for iPhone

Download new music videos from within the app (extensive library)

Download Music Videos for Video Ringtones for iPhone

Stream the music video to preview before downloading

Stream Music Videos on Vuziq

The combo of all these features creates this useful application that works very well for what it is intended to do, play music videos for incoming calls. The icing on the cake is that this application is also free. It is available from BigBoss repo so you will not need to add any special repo, unless you have problems with adding BigBoss to Cydia. If you are looking for video ringtones for iPhone, Vuziq should definitely be your first choice.

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