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Download FlashbackChecker to Check Flashback Trojan in MAC OS X

Over the past few weeks there seems to be a spread of panic over the Flashback Trojan, well today, there is good news, there is an easy way to check for the Flashback Trojan.

Before the creation of this program, people needed to go into terminal and run some simple commands. However, many people are somewhat nervous about executing commands in terminal, as there is a small possibility of damaging the system due to typos or other mistakes.

Flashback Checker: Easy Way to Check for the Flashback Trojan

Check for the Flashback Trojan With Flashback Checker

Flashback checker is an application that performs the same tasks that you would perform in terminal. Instead of having to enter in the commands, you only need to click a button once. After you click the button, the application will check your mac for virus and then report back. This shouldn't take more than 30 seconds. If your machine does not have the virus, it will say, "No signs of infection were found". And if there is virus, you will still need to use the command line tool to remove the virus.

How to Use Flashback Checker to Check for Flashback Trojan

The application is extremely simple to use. Follow these steps and your check for the Flashback Trojan will be complete!

  1. Download Flashback Checker
  2. Unzip if necessary
  3. Open the application (no need to install or move to applications folder)
  4. Click on the only button in the application, "Check for Flashback Infection"
  5. Look at the results below the button after a few seconds

Check For the Flashback Trojan

After I Check for Flashback Trojan, It Says My Computer Has Been Infected, What to Do?

If your computer has been infected, you will need to open up Terminal. This can be found in the Utilities folder under Applications. You will need to manually remove the infection. You will need to carefully follow the instructions for removing the infection F-Secure. F-Secure is a great antivirus program and is the authority on such things.

What Else Can I Do After I Check for the Flashback Virus?

It is highly recommended that you update your software from the Mac software update option in the top left corner of your screen. So you now know how to check for the Flashback Trojan; do remember, keeping your software updated helps in keeping your system safe.

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