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How to Build Your Own iPad Stylus in Home Using Aluminium Foil & Pencil? [Tutorial]

Many people seem to be impressed at how easy it is to make an iPad stylus for free at home. Most of the things that you need to build your iPad stylus can be found already in your home! Steve Jobs always said that he wanted a device that would never require a stylus. I, however, like to use a stylus for certain things. Sometimes I like to write rather than type or draw with something other than my finger. I'm sure many if you must be already using an iPad stylus. What do you have to lose? Its free!

How iPad Stylus Actually Works?

The iPad stylus works by transferring the electricity generated from your hand to the iPad. Normally the iPad would detect this electricity directly from your fingers. Since Aluminium conducts electricity, so the electricity is transferred to the iPad.

How to Make an iPad Stylus?

Creating an iPad stylus only takes about 2 minutes and is super easy task!

Materials Required to Make an iPad Stylus:

  • 1 Pen
  • A sheet of aluminium foil
  • Scotch tape

Steps to Build an iPad Stylus:

  1. Wrap your tin foil around your pen. Make sure to cover all parts of it, including the tips. (Keep the cap on your pen while wrapping it.) Two layers or more would be ideal.
  2. Wrap Foil Around Pen To Make an iPad Stylus

  3. Wrap some scotch tape around the center of the pen. This is done to make sure that the tin foil will stay in place.
  4. Wrap Tape Around Middle to Make iPad Stylus

  5. Take the wider side of the pen tip and try to make it flat shaped. The tip needs to be very flat for the stylus to work.
  6. Flatten Tip to Make iPad Stylus Work

  7. After you have flattened the tip of the stylus, cover it in scotch tape. Make sure that you cover the tip well so as not to scratch your iPad screen (Do not forget to do this, this is very important).
  8. Wrap Tape Around Tip To Make iPad Stylus

  9. After you have thoroughly covered the tip, you should be ready to go! Give it a try and see how it works. If you are having any problems, try to flatten the tip more. This seems to be the most common problem that people have when they try to make such free iPad stylus.

Other Modifications For iPad Stylus:

Finished iPad Stylus
Another potential tweak which you can do is to use a pencil instead of a ballpoint or pen. When using a pencil, you can cut the wooden edge to make the iPad stylus more easy and natural to use. This is because the iPad stylus tip must fully touch the iPad screen. When the contacting tip is at an angle, you can hold your iPad stylus at a more natural angle.

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