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Apple Set to Launch a 7.85-inch iPad Mini on Q3 of This Year [RUMOR]

If you have been paying attention to the rumor mill regarding the iPad lately, you will know that one of the most notable ones is that Apple is allegedly an iPad mini model. The said device will measure at exactly 7.85-inch and is said to make its debut at around third quarter of this year. The device's price point is said to be US$249 to $299 and is aimed to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and the upcoming Windows Tablet from Microsoft.

iPad Mini Concept
The report came straight from China, specifically from the Chinese net portal called NetEase. As mentioned earlier, the new iPad-mini is meant to penetrate the low to mid-end of the tablet market with its $200+ price point.

NetEase claimed that the device will be released around the third quarter of this year to "counter attack" the upcoming Windows tablets. The report further claims that the devices will cost anywhere from US$249 to $299 and that there will be an initial 6 million units ready for launch.

Numerous Apple analysts have already predicted that the Cupertino company will dominate the lower markets if it chooses to release a smaller iPad. Also according to the NetEase article, Apple's favorite manufacturer Honhai Precision (Foxconn) will be the one in-charge of the assembly, along with Pegatron, which has allegedly landed a smaller number of units.

Do you think a smaller iPad is a product that has a chance to come into fruition? The late Steve Jobs was quite vocal with regards as to how smaller tablets are more of a joke and believes that a 10-inch screen should be the bare minimum. But it would make sense if Apple wants to penetrate the lower markets, especially now that the new Windows tablet is already seen in the horizon.

So will you buy an iPad mini just in case Apple releases one? [via Kotaku]

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