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Top 5 Websites to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Do you want an easy way to find out just how fast your internet connection is? Whether you want to find out if your internet provider is indeed giving you the advertised speed or you just want to know just how blazingly fast your connection is, you will require an internet speed test tool. But not just any kind of tool, it needs to be highly accurate and easy to use. Today, we will provide you the best websites that can help you test your internet connection speed. These are the Top 5 Websites to Check Your Internet Connection Speed.

Internet Speed Test

SpeedTest.Net Screenshot
Definitely one of the most popular, if not the most popular website used to check one's internet connection speed.'s reputation is very much well-earned due it is slick, cool user interface and it offers other options such as the ability to choose the best server based on ping and many more. Since they have servers worldwide, the website is effective and accurate regardless of your country or geographical location.

BandwidthPlace.Com Screenshot
Should you require a much simpler internet speed tool, then you can't go wrong with BandwidthPlace. This website is a pretty solid solution and it only requires one click of a button (Start Test) and you will get your download and upload speeds shortly. After the internet speed test operation, the website will display the summary of the test you've just performed and it includes information such as download speed, upload speed and the time it was performed.

DSLReports.Com Screenshot
This tool by DSLReports is quite neat because it offers more functions other than being able to test your internet speed. You have five different options to choose from based on your needs: Flash (Adobe) download/upload speed test, Java download/upload speed test (for higher speed testing i.e. fiber), Mobile browser Speed and Latency Test (for iPhone, Android browsers), Simple Mobile Speed Test (for non-smartphone owners and Directory of other speed tests.

Speed.IO Screenshot
Yet another speed test website that has a cool and modern user interface. Much like any other speed test tools found here, you can quickly initiate the test simply by clicking the "Start Speedtest" button. automatically chooses the best server based on your location. They have over 50,000 servers across the globe, so chances are high that there is a server that's closer to your location. At the end of the test, a summary is shown which contains information such as the download speed, upload speed as well as the ping.

CNET Bandwidth Meter

CNet Bandwidth Meter Screenshot
You must be quite surprised that CNET actually has a bandwidth meter that will enable you to test your connection speed. This is actually quite a very simple and straightforward tool as it only measures the download speed of your connection (which for most people, the only aspect that matters). Before proceeding with the test, you are given the option to select your location. When you are done with the test, you are also provided the choice to compare your results to other types of connection such as ADSL, Cable and many others.

So what website do you use to measure your internet's connection speed? Feel free to share your favorite internet speed test website with us below!

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