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The New iPhone 5, It’s Gorgeous! [CONCEPT DESIGN]

Here it is, the New iPhone 5: extremely thin, without a SIM-card and with LED-powered, colored edges. A concept design of an Italian designer with a good reputation in designing Apple-like stuff. His latest project is the New iPhone 5!

The introduction of the iPhone 4S, 5 months ago, was for some people a disappointing experience. Everyone expected a redesigned iPhone, but Tim Cook 'only' presented an updated version of the iPhone 4. But one thing is clear now: 99% sure that the next generation iPhone will be totally redesigned. There are already rumors about a tapered back, Unibody-like casing and of course, the most recent rumor about the 4.6-Inch Retina Display. Until Tim Cook will reveal the real specs (probably on WWDC in june 2012), everything is unclear and based on words from suppliers and vague pictures of parts.

Antonio de Rosa from ADR Studio in Italie (Europe) is a designer and today he has combined all recent rumors, together with his own guts and feeling, to a concept mock-up of how the new iPhone could look like.

The New iPhone is SIM-free

The device is totally SIM-free: All the carrier information will be downloaded and stored directly from the network. Of course it also features 4G LTE, Retina Displays, Siri, a gyroscope on 4 axes and a motion sensor. Everything we currently enjoy on the iPhone 4S. But probably even better and more fine-tuned.
The buttons for volume and the silent-switch is now situated on the top of this iDevice.

New iPhone 5

3 Retina-Displays

According to Antonio, the name will not be iPhone 5, but like the New iPad, it will be called the new iPhone. A smartphone with three separate screens: The Large middle-screen is the working-screen as we already know it. One small rectangular strip on the top to display notifications and carrier information. One small rectangular strip on the bottom for multi-tasking, the dock and the 'home' button.
Yeah, you don't need glasses! The Home-button has physically disappeared, and is now a soft-button on the bottom-screen.

New iPhone 5

LED Powered Edges

New feature is the LED-Powered edge. Never seen it appeared as a rumor, so I guess it is based on the feeling and guts of the Antonio de Rosa. The edge can be used to indicate the state of the battery, or to indicate an incoming caller. Preferences can be set by a dedicated app which allows you also to choose from different colors, depending on the actions.

New iPhone 5

New iPhone 5

New iPhone 5

What is your opinion about this concept? Do you think this will be the winner Smartphone 2012? The New iPhone? [images via ADR Studio - Italie]

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