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New Mac OS X Viruses Attacking Non-Updated Software

Recently there were several reports about malicious Mac OS X Virus attacks. Although Windows platforms are still the favorite for malware attacks, Mac OS X is a rising star as well. More and more attacks are reported, using mainly the holes in the non-updated software.

The first virus for Mac OS X was discovered in Feb 2006. The worm, named 'Leap-A', infected the system by using the iChat Instant Messaging System. Since that discovery some things are changed for Mac OS X. In 2011 about 58 viruses, trojans or other malware for Mac OS X were discovered. Ofcourse, this is peanuts when you compare that with the huge number of discovered viruses for Windows, 14 million in 2011! Ofcourse, you must see that in perspective with the number of users and systems, but it is clear that Windows is still the most popular system for malware.

Mac OS X Virus

The newly discovered malware uses existing holes in non-updated software:


This malware targets mac's that didn't receive the last security updates, and therefore exploiting a hole in Java. A hole that is fixed now, but on a non-updated mac, a Java Applet will load, gathering all the user's info and send it to a remote server.


This virus uses old security breaches in Microsoft Office Suites that haven't been updated since 2009. The malware gathers information and sends it also to a remote server.

Most of the times, when a virus is reported, Apple deploys a security update to patch the hole. But if you don't update your system, you stay vulnerable in case the hackers still use this malware.

Advise: Use MAC OS X Virus Updates!

We strongly advise to search for new updates at least every week. You can do this automatically by activating this feature in the system preferences of your system. Besides that, look for good antivirus software for Mac OS X to protect your system against any Mac OS X virus and other malware, before it is too late [via]

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