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Rumors About iPhone 5 Start Again, iPhone 5 to Feature 4.6 Inch Display

After the launch of the newest iPad, rumors about iPhone 5 have once again surged up. The latest rumors about the iPhone 5 involve the screen dimension. According to the Huffington Post, the new iPhone 5 will have a 4.6 inch (diagonal) display. It was reported that Apple was ordering 4.6 inch retina displays from its suppliers. The screen size for previous iPhones have remained at 3.5 inches. If this rumor is true about the iPhone 5, it will be a huge breakaway from the design in the past.

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Rumors About the iPhone 5

Other Rumors About iPhone 5

Another rumor about the iPhone 5 is that it will include NFC (near field communication) technology. This could be used for payments with an iPhone. Using NFC technology, a user would only need to bring his/her phone nearby the payment terminal. The payment would then be processed through the iPhone with a connected bank account.

There was also evidence of Apple filing a patent for a phone made of glass. Could this be something more in addition to the glass backing of the iPhone?'
Rumors About iPhone 5: Glass
There have been many rumors about the iPhone 5, but the one thing that seems to have not been up for complete speculation is the processor. Most seem to agree that the processor will be an A5X, or at least a close variant. Of course, this once again is not confirmed.

There have also been rumors about the release date ranging from June to October. However, October seems more realistic when we think about recent release of the iPhone 4S. At this point all one can do is speculate.

No one can be sure of anything about the iPhone 5 at the moment, but some of these rumors could turn up true. Stay tuned for more rumors about the iPhone 5!

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