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Liquipel Water Resistant Coating To Be Utilized in iPhone 5 & Galaxy S III [RUMOR]

One of the bane for our iPhone's existence is definitely the water. It is just the simple truth, iPhones simply don't play nice with water. Earlier last month, we brought to you a report about a company called Liquipel that has created a neat new accessory that will render your iPhone completely water resistant. And now according to a new report, Liquipel's waterproofing technology will be implemented to the next generation iPhone and Galaxy S III at retail.

Liquipel Coating
The report came from Today's iPhone, citing a source that is well-placed in one of UK's top independent phone retailers. According to the source, both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III will be getting the Liquipel treatment. For the uninformed, Liquipel works more like a coating rather than a case wrapped around the device. The coating itself doesn't add any bulk to the device but it also doesn't protect your phone from impact (although you can still use accessories). In case you missed it before, here's the video of Liquipel in action:

The source stated that, “both will have had liquipel treatment as they’ll be altering the wording on insurance.” Although no more additional information was added. Today's iPhone did make a disclaimer that this is merely a rumor, but they quickly added that the source of the information has been correct before.

Liquid-proofing is a feature that will eventually be implemented into smartphones seeing that liquid and moisture damage is one of the top causes of the devices' failure. But to see it implemented this year? We don't see that happening yet, but we will surely keep an eye on this one. [via Today's iPhone]

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