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Apple Suppliers Claim 8-inch iPad is Being Developed

According to the Wall Street Journal, workers at various Apple suppliers have stated that Apple is currently testing an iPad that has an 8-inch screen, which is 1.7-inches smaller than the current iPad 2 slate. The tablet currently being tested could be an effort on Apple’s part to ensure that it maintains its hold on the tablet market despite other popular slates, such as the Kindle Fire.

Mini 8-inch iPad

Not much is known about the 8-inch tablet. One unnamed insider however claims that the smaller slate will have a resolution “similar to” the current iPad 2. According to the same informant, Apple is working with both LG and Optronics to develop the testing screens.

Though Apple is testing the smaller device, there is no official word about whether it will ever reach the market. Apple has tested other product ideas in the past, which were later shelved, never to see the light of day.

Apple declined to comment on the claims regarding 8-inch iPad. [via WSJ]

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