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Wall Street Journal: 4G LTE Capable iPad 3 To Be Sold By AT&T and Verizon

As you might already know, Apple's next generation iPad is currently in the hot seat with regards to media coverage. One of the most persistent rumors surrounding the iPad 3's specifications is that it will be featuring 4G technology. And now it seems that the rumor is going to be realized because according to a new report, two major U.S. carriers will be carrying LTE capable next-gen iPad at launch. More details after the jump.

iPad 3 4G LTE
The report came from no other than the famous new publication The Wall Street Journal. According to WSJ, some people familiar with the matter have informed them that the new iPad will be sporting a new cellular standard in the form of LTE and it will be sold by two major U.S. carriers which are AT&T and Verizon. The publication was unable to learn whether or not the other U.S. carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile will also offer LTE capable iPad.

Just last month, Bloomberg has reported that the next-gen iPad will have 4G LTE Support along with new features such as HD Retina Display and a faster quad core processor. Sources said that if an LTE network is not available at a certain coverage area, the tablet will be utilizing a slower network technology. There have been rumors that 2012 will be the year that Apple will finally adopt LTE for its devices, presumably now with the iPad 3 and the upcoming iPhone 5.

According to previous reports, the next iPad will be unveiled during the first week of March. So it is expected that more reports will be pouring in the next coming weeks. We just hope that we will be able to come across some solid information soon. But the fact that the likes of The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are joining in on the iPad 3 hullabaloo, it suggests that we may be reaching its peak. [via AppleInsider]

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