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Make Your iPhone Water Resistant With Liquipel Coating [VIDEO]

One of the worst things that you can do to your iPhone is to drop it in water, a situation that we are all familiar with. A new company is looking to make Apple's smartphone wonder completely water resistant.

Liquipel Submerged iPhone
Whether you dropped it into the sink while washing or into the lake while having some jolly good time, submerging a smartphone (or pretty much every electronics) in water usually means a death sentence for the device. Unfortunately, Apple is also not too keen in replacing iPhones who went for a quick shower. So unless you know what to do, you are left with a pretty expensive paperweight. But a company called Liquipel is looking to provide remedy for this situation that happens far too common than you think.

Liquipel claims that they have the coating technology that is capable of making the iPhone water resistent. They will be coating your device with a "nano" which completely repels water. If you would rather see the product in action, then check out the video demonstration below:

Watching the iPhone 4S submerged in water is almost too painful to watch but as you can see in the video, the device is still working fine even when submerged in water. Liquipel has been repeatedly emphasizing that this is not a case but rather a coating that's wrapped around the device to make it water repellant. Just to be clear, this coating protects against spills and water only, not from being dropped in hard surfaces. Since this is merely a coating, it doesn't stop you from using other accessories for your iPhone.
Liquipel Coating
As for now, you will have to send your device to Liquipel and give them 1-2 days to coat your device. But the company is currently seeking to work with major smartphone manufacturers in order to implement the coating before going on sale. We think that this a very good idea and we could also see Apple licensing the technology and have it integrated with their products. But keep in mind that aside from the iPhone, Liquipel also supports other smartphone brands. [via ModMyi]

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