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Another Siri Hack, Siri Can Play the Piano Too [VIDEO]

Over the past two months since iPhone 4S was made available to the public, there is no doubt that one of its standout feature is Siri. While Siri can be quite cool by default, what makes it so impressive is its potential to do a lot more, especially when it is hacked. Now here’s a new hack that will surely make anyone re-think their stance on Siri as being merely a gimmick.

iPhone 4S Siri
Over the many past weeks, we've seen many folks demonstrate what really Siri can do once hacked. We've seen Siri control a thermostat wirelessly, lock / unlock and start a car, control room lights and even rap to a hiphop song. And now there's cool new hack that lets Siri play music Yamaha Disklavier player piano. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

The hack was developed originally by and for Yamaha. It basically works by streaming a special MIDI version of the music to the Apple Airport Express then into the Disklavier piano. The piece will then be reproduced by the piano complete with both pedal and key impressions. Sure it looks a bit creepy and it looks like a ghost was playing, but still pretty cool. Well, I guess if you have the necessary equipment (i.e. the piano and iPhone 4S), you could probably pull some hilarious pranks with this. For the last performance, there is even a neat easter egg which can be activated by talking to Siri with the words: “You played it for her, you can play it for me. Play it again, Siri”. Which will then play "As Time Goes By" from the classic romance film, Casablanca.

The hack is definitely interesting but you might need to spend too much dollars just to get your hands on a Yamaha Disklavier player piano in order to try this one out. But still, this is yet another cool demonstration of what Siri can do.

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