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Hacker Uses Siri to Turn On His Fireplace, Christmas Lights and More

For many weeks now, Siri has been making the headlines both for the fact that it is such an interesting application and that developers have made it a sport to hack it. We have seen Siri being ported to older devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 and using a proxy server of the application, people were able to control their thermostat or jumpstart their car, using only their iPhone. Now another application of the Siri proxy server has been brought into our attention.

Siri White iPhone 4S
A freelance webmaster that goes by the name Mark Hodder has posted his own hack using the Siri proxy server. In case you don't know, the Siri proxy server hack enables techie users to create their own custom commands which in turn enables them to have Siri perform various things that are way beyond of what it is programmed to do.

This time, Mark Hodder demonstrated in a video how he was able to turn on and off his fireplace, Christmas lights and the living room lamp. Apparently, this particular setup was made possible by using an ioBridge and a number of X10 modules. Using the SiriProxy plugin to call a PHP file on his web server, Hodder was able to trigger the ioBridge to send the X10 command to the appliances. The technical details are found on Hodder's Blog. The result is pretty cool as you can see on the video below:

As you can see, this is not something that an average Joe can do as it requires some serious programming skills. This demonstrates yet again, that Siri is more than just a gimmick. Hopefully, these functionalities will eventually become available for the general masses.

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