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Facebook Officially Begins Timeline Rollout

Last September, social networking behemoth Facebook has introduced a whole slew of changes and features to its social media platform. And probably the most notable change that was introduced was the new overhauled profile page which is called the Facebook Timeline. And now it seems that Facebook is now rolling out this new feature for millions of its userbase.

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The idea behind Facebook Timeline is that it will make users stay on their profile page for a much longer time. It was unveiled last September in beta form but curious users and developers were able to find a way to enable the feature. It was supposed to released generally later that month but it simply never came.
Facebook Timeline
If anyone can recall, Timeline according to the words of Zuckerberg himself, "is the story of your life". Timeline enable users to tell the story of their life through their Facebook profile page, not just the events that occurred recently but it can go back to when you were born. The more you backtrack into the Timeline, the less content you'll see. Upon looking at Timeline, you will see that it is one of the most graphical thing that Facebook ever put out in terms of user interface. To understand the concept of Timeline, check out this video:

The idea of Timeline was widely praised all around but it is not without its criticisms. One of the major criticism is that it is almost entirely concerned with the "here and now", no matter how insignificant they may be. Although you are given the feature to chronicle major life events they are quickly pushed to the bottom of the feed and thus easily forgotten. And of course, it wouldn't be Facebook without raising privacy issues. One of the most notable issue was when it was visible via Timeline certain persons that you have unfriended. Facebook claimed it was a glitch and it was since then addressed.

Facebook Timeline is currently on the process of being rolled out to users. So do not be concerned if you still don't have the feature. The first country that received the rollout was New Zealand but it shouldn't come as a surprise if the feature is already widely available worldwide as of this writing. According to a blog post, Facebook said that other regions will get it in the "near future".

So what do you think of Timeline? Is this a genius idea from Zuckerberg and Co. or is Facebook messing up a good thing? [via Mashable]

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